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Citizens Against Litter

December 2005 Newslitter

In this Newslitter: Hey Santa; Holiday gift ideas; Found moola; No-Bull Prize for Litter-ah-ture; Vat's Vith Vocelli?; "I Litter" awards; Who knows where litter lurks?; Couch Caper on Copeland; Garbagevilles; Litter watch; Shadyside model; Anti-Litterman's top ten; Ask Mr. Litterman

Hey Santa

All I want for Christmas Is a cleaner neighborhood.

More glitter; less litter More volunteers, less litter More people picking up, less litter More people raking leaves, less litter.

Less advertising fliers, more glitter Less trashing, more glitter Less smoking, less litter Less take-out; less litter.

Merry Christmas and Cleaner neighborhoods for all.

Holiday gift ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for Citizens Against Litter volunteer? Here's what we'd like to see in our stockings:

Found moola

No names, please, to protect the lucky. A Citizens Against Litter volunteer told us that while he was picking up two empty beer bottles from under a bench on Bellefonte Street (off Walnut), he found a $50 bill. Who says, "There's no money in litter."

No-Bull Prize for Litter-ah-ture

There's enough blame to go around when it comes to litter creators.

Nothing is truer than to point the finger at smokers, who flip ciggies on streets, empty car ashtrays on streets and discard their empty packs on streets. The same can be said of beer drinkers leaving bars still drinking and tossing bottles into bushes and on lawns or discarding bottles on parking lot pavements. (Usually beer drinkers don't throw bottles and their litter doesn't end up as broken glass.)

Coffee drinkers and dainty water bottle drinkers are drunk with their own kind of litter power. They do their trashing of streets quietly but with the same results.

And then there are the "I know I'm a littering litterer and I don't care" types. These are the neighborhood business promoters (restaurants, bars, fast fooders and others) and nonprofits who account for most of the litter on Walnut Street and side streets with their advertising throwaways. We estimate about 30 percent of the litter on our streets is their litter-ah-ture.

In Shadyside, the "No-Bull Prize in Litter-ah-ture" for 2005 goes to Cozumel of Walnut Street. Hands down. This place, all by itself, keeps an army of anti-litter volunteers busy every day of the week just picking up after it. Cozumel's litter-ah-ture is everywhere.

Vat's Vith Vocelli?

Litter. Plenty of litter. Litter follows Vocelli. And a volunteer follows the litter. This volunteer looked out his front window and saw Vocelli door knob hangers already on the ground. The volunteer walked up Copeland from Ellsworth. On this trip he picked up about 15 pieces of litter. Twelve of them were Vocelli doorknob hangers, advertising a 12 cut 16" 1 topping pizza for $9.99. There. Are you happy? Volunteers will be picking up Vocelli litter for days (no, weeks).

"I Litter" awards

Many repeaters are on the list this month. These promoters and others account for about 30 percent of the litter on Walnut Street, side streets and parking lots. They keep anti-litter volunteers busy all week picking up their mess. Some of the offenders are:

Who knows where litter lurks?

I'm sure you can imagine how this scene plays out. A volunteer is picking up litter like he always does. A twenty-something guy shows up, putting advertising fliers from Yen's Gourmet on the doorsteps of every apartment building that has a doorstep. He is creating hundreds of pieces of litter. Trailing right behind is our litter volunteer -- like a shadow -- picking up the newly-created litter as it blows or is about to blow all over the neighborhood.

Couch Caper on Copeland

Finally. After three weeks of having to look at a discarded couch on the sidewalk on Copeland Street near Walnut, it's been removed. Things happened after the city's Environmental Services were contacted.


This is the list of some of the places in Shadyside where there is or was excessive litter and garbage. The list is compiled as a result of walking and driving tours of the neighborhood. Do you have your own list of Garbagevilles? Send them in and we'll include them next month.

ON the Garbageville list:

OFF the list:

Litter watch

We're making progress. These places have been in good shape as of late:

It's important to keep an eye on the following areas:

Shadyside model

Our Citizens Against Litter program has made its way to Hollywood, CA. Well, almost to Hollywood. A reader in nearby Studio City is showing our Citizens Against Litter Newslitter to the town's city council as a model to be considered for their community.

Anti-Litterman's top ten

Anti-litterman are people who...

  1. Want to be part of a group doing important smaller things
  2. Are not ashamed to pick up litter and trash from streets
  3. Want to be an example for their neighbors
  4. Accept cleaning up other people's messes
  5. Want clean sidewalks, streets and grassy places
  6. Can't stand looking at litter
  7. Know litterers are less likely to litter clean places
  8. Accept keeping streets and sidewalks clean is a day-in-and-day-out job
  9. Are passionate about eliminating litter
  10. Accept that the City doesn't have money to keep neighborhoods litter-free

Ask Mr. Litterman

Q. What's going to happen this winter with picking up litter?
A. Well, it's a problem. When it's windy, picking up litter is more difficult. When it's cold, picking up with heavy-duty gloves doesn't prevent your hands from aching. My advice is do what you can when the wind is calm and the sun warms things up a bit.

Q. Have you noticed that there's less litter around when it's cold?
A. You're right. There is less litter but Id like to think it's because people are dumping less and picking up more. The important thing, though, is there's less litter.

Recent Litter-ature

A complete list of past Litterature is available in our archives.

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