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Citizens Against Litter

Cleaning up the East End

Angele Ellis writes:

Please add Friendship and Garfield to your list of neighborhoods that share our late Mayor's commitment to redd up Pittsburgh.

Friendship Development Associates, Friendship Preservation Group, and the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation have been working cooperatively on regular litter pickups on Penn Avenue, around Fort Pitt School and in Friendship.

We strongly believe that making our neighborhoods cleaner makes them safer, as well as more attractive to residents and visitors.

We have two community litter pickups scheduled. On Saturday, September 23 volunteers will redd up Friendship from Penn Avenue to Baum Blvd in preparation for the Friendship House tour the following day. This is only one of a number of Redd Ups in Friendship each year.

On Saturday, September 30, volunteers will redd up Penn Avenue as part of our monthly 'Pick Up on Penn', which cleans the avenue for the following Friday's Unblurred art event. 'Pick Up on Penn' runs from April through September. In August we were joined by CMU student volunteers who have targeted the East End for their community efforts. The students also pick up litter around Fort Pitt School.

Thank you for your clarion call to make Pittsburgh a cleaner, safer city, and for your work in establishing Citizens Against Litter.

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