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Citizens Against Litter

Litter-free hills

"Fantastic news," Kim Barthelmas excitedly reports in a phone conversation. "The MWCDC is organizing a Citizens Against Litter-style volunteer group in Mt. Washington and Duquesne Heights." Kim and many of her neighbors are also involved in the revitalization and on-going maintenance of Grandview Park on the Mount. The MWCDC's first goal is to recruit 30 volunteers to redd up weekly all streets including parks and business districts. The group will use the zone concept, assigning residents areas close to where they live. Residents are dedicating their efforts to the memory of Mayor O'Connor. T-shirts will carry that message. Kim says one 80-year old resident wants in on the excitement. She'll pick up on the block where her apartment is. October 11 is set for the next planning meeting.

Recent Litter-ature

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