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Citizens Against Litter

November 2006 Newslitter

In this Newslitter: Open Litter to Shadyside volunteers; Art Linklitter; Trashapalooza in Fineview; Bloomfield report; Beaver report; Churchill report; Homewood-Squirrel Hill Redd Up Coalition; Picker uppers; New look on Negley; Recycling bin; "I Litter" awards; Garbagevilles; Bay watch; Celebrity gazing; Ask Mr. Litterman

Open Litter to Shadyside volunteers

We don't take our volunteers for granted. Citizens Against Litter would be nothing without you. That's all we do. Pick up litter. We appreciate your passion, your time and your energy. Never change. Know that what you have started in Shadyside is being replicated in other city neighborhoods and elsewhere. We've become the model for CLEAN and organization. You're out there regularly. You believe "People who care must clean up for people who don't." You know better than most that our job will never end. Litter can not be eliminated, but it can be controlled.

Thank you Shadyside volunteers for all that you do. And thank you anti-litter volunteers everywhere. Pittsburgh. Imagine what we can do here.

Art Linklitter

The Newslitter is launching a new, occasional feature called "Litterers are Not So Funny. They're Hilarious." It was inspired by Tom Rooney and Mark DeAndrea, two very clever guys in our town, who think Art Linkletter of "People are Funny" fame, missed his calling and should have gone into litter. Our first man-on-the street morsel is:

Put the person I call "Indexer" in the same category as our friends, the "Litter Tear-orists." Recall that "Tear-orists" are people who tear one piece of litter and create dozens of smaller scraps. Nice. Our new non-friend, the "Indexer," recently littered Ivy Street at Ellsworth Avenue near Liberty School with about 50 scattered index cards. Try picking them up with gloved hands. This volunteer finally did and filed them in a trashcan. We'll trash "Indexer" too, if we ever find him/her. And that would be hilarious.

Trashapalooza in Fineview

Trashapalooza I was a success. Fifty volunteers turned out Saturday, October 21, from all over the city and beyond. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was there. So was Guy Costa, Public Works Director. Just short of 200 bags of litter and recyclables plus tires and other large objects were picked up in 90 minutes. Citizens blitzed the area around the James Street steps in Fineview east of Allegheny General Hospital. As promised, Brian O'Neill, Post-Gazette columnist and Trashapalooza promoter, and friends sprung for bagels, coffee, pizza and beer.

We think there will be a Trashapalooza II. Watch Brian's column for date, time and station of the next one in the spring. Three Citizens Against Litter, Shadyside volunteers were on the streets of North Side. Some of the litter we picked up goes back to the last century. A cheerleader trophy, for example, inscribed with the year 1993-94, was found.

Pictures from the event can be found on our website.

Bloomfield report

"On Saturday, October 28, a small group got together in Bloomfield to launch a Liberty Avenue (mainstreet) cleanup campaign. We're starting with a once-a-month cleanup...and aim to eventually include an Adopt-a-Block campaign on the Avenue.

"The event got underway at 3 p.m. at Grasso Roberto Cafe. Volunteers picked up litter for 1.5 to 2 hours in small groups and met back at the cafe for free great food, donated by Guy Peluso.

"Adults were joined by kids from Immaculate Conception School and there was support from PA CleanWays. It was great fun and a good way to meet some folks and spruce up Bloomfield a bit."

Randy Strothman

Beaver report

"Want to tell you of an interesting experiment we're having here in downtown Beaver. The trashcan in front of the grocery store was overflowing all the time and covered with gum, etc. We tried to get the storeowner to help out but he declined. The Boro would swoop by and empty the trashcan periodically but it was usually a mess. So, we removed that trashcan. Since then, there's nothing on the ground or street and no more mess. It's been a month and it's working."

Mary Anne Peluso

Churchill report

"Great newsletter. Reminds me of the dear woman who used to live in Churchill right at the entrance to the Parkway. She spent her days cleaning parts of Greensburg Pike and the block of Penn Avenue between the Pike and the Borough Building. She wore all white in the summer and a grey sweat suit in the cooler months. There was never a piece of trash on those streets nor on the Churchill entrance to the Parkway, which she also patrolled."

Mayda Roth

Homewood-Squirrel Hill Redd Up Coalition

Mark your calendars. The next Homewood-Squirrel Hill neighborhood weekend redd up will be held Friday, April 27, Saturday, April 28, and Sunday, April 29. The picnic will be held Sunday afternoon. A planning meeting will be held Wednesday, November 15.

If things go as planned, the weekend could be bigger and better. The two-neighborhood Coalition has invited the South Point Breeze and North Point Breeze neighborhoods to join us for a weekend of collecting and connecting.

A greater emphasis will be put on winning the support of school principals for student participation in Stash the Trash programs at neighborhood schools on the Friday kickoff day.

Picker uppers

Before bending to pick up litter becomes a pain, suggest you consider purchasing a back-saving picker upper. Home Depot stocks Nifty Nabber, a $20 item. Walgreen has a lighter picker upper that sells for $10.

New look on Negley

In recent newsletters we reported on a rundown house at 729 Negley with a dumpster in front for months and months. The dumpster was removed. The house is being painted and it looks like the dirt area in the front will be landscaped. That's a win for the neighborhood.

Recycling bin

Abitibi has a recycling bin program for paper that makes it more convenient for people to dump newspapers, etc. and generate funds for worthwhile community projects. This could be your ticket to add recycling bins in your neighborhood. For information contact Ellen Keefe, regional manager, at 412-279-3001 Ext. 101 or by e-mail at

"I Litter" awards

They're back. Not as much as previously, but advertising fliers are back on the streets of Shadyside as litter. We'll keep an eye on the situation. Businesses that littered our streets in October include:


Bay watch

A lawyer friend has some good advice for fellow Pittsburgh snowbirds. While in Florida this season, do more than think about picking up litter on the beach... after walking, after biking, after golf, and after swimming. Be a Citizen Against Litter every place you are.

Celebrity gazing

"I know you," said the woman in the back seat of a car, stopped at a traffic light. "You're the one who talked about litter at the Whole Foods workshop." Not exactly, I'm the one who talks about litter and does something about removing it. Do you?

Ask Mr. Litterman

Q: Who are litterers? A: There are two kinds of litterers. Active litterers are the ones who throw trash out car/truck windows and drop trash on streets, sidewalks and in gutters as they walk. Passive litterers are people who leave their houses in the morning and walk past litter without bending and picking it up.

Q: Who are anti-litterers? A: There are two kinds of them as well. Active anti-litterers are the good guys. They're the people who bend and pick up litter on their property and beyond. There are hundreds and hundreds of us. And then there are the passive anti-litterers. The talkers. They talk and talk about how terrible our streets, sidewalks, and gutters look, but hardly -- or never -- bend and pick up. Their contribution is not that great in remaking Pittsburgh into one of the cleanest cities in America.

Recent Litter-ature

A complete list of past Litterature is available in our archives.

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