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Citizens Against Litter

October 2007 Newslitter

In this Newslitter: Citizens Against Litter mission; October Redd Up growing; Redd Up in Shadyside; Redd Up Coalition; Help Cleanup Route 28 helping; Pittsburgh Cares partnership; Kiwanis check in; Kids Against Litter; Trib Against Litter; Busy Beavers; Greenfield wants Weekly Shopper changes; Mormon Redd Up in Oakland; Clean sweep for arts festivals; "I Litter" awards; Garbagevilles; Open letter about litter; Important phone numbers; Tell Mr. Litterman

Citizens Against Litter mission

"To inspire people throughout the city and region to collect litter and connect neighborhoods."

October Redd Up growing

Participation in the October Redd Up has passed the century mark. Over 90 city neighborhoods and groups and 18 other communities and towns outside the city are involved. Some other highlights:

Allegheny CleanWays is assisting neighborhoods with supplies. E-mail is Pennsylvania Resources Council is assisting public and parochial schools with their supplies needs. An estimated 5,000 volunteer turnout is realistic. Pittsburgh Public Schools has encouraged their principals to participate.

Participating neighborhoods and groups are: Adopt-A-Block, Allegheny CleanWays, Allegheny West, Allentown, Arlington Heights, Banksville, Banksville Rd. Corridor, Bedford Dwelling, Beechview, Belmar Gardens, Beltzhoover, Bloomfield Main Street, Bluff, Bon Air, Brookline, Brighton Heights, Carnegie Mellon University (Sustainable Earth), Carrick, California-Kirkbride, Central Northside, Chartiers, Crafton Heights, Crawford Square, Downtown Pittsburgh, Duquesne University Evergreen, East Allegheny, East Carnegie, East Liberty, Elliott, Esplen, Fairywood, Fineview, Friendship, Garfield, Greenfield, Hazelwood, Hays, Helping Clean Route 28, Highland Park, Homewood, Larimer, Lawrenceville, Lincoln, Lincoln-Lemington, Lincoln Place, Lower Hill, Kiwanian Clubs of Pennsylvania, Knoxville, Manchester, Morningside, Mexican War Streets, Mount Washington, Mount Oliver, New Homestead, Nine-Mile Run Watershed Association, North Point Breeze, Northview Heights, Oak Hill, Oakland, Oakwood, Observatory Hill, Overbrook (Fairhaven Greenway), Pennsylvania Resources Council, Park Place, Perry Hilltop, Pittsburgh Cares, Polish Hill, Regent Square, Ridgemont, Schenley Heights, Shadyside, Sheridan, South Point Breeze, South Side Flats, South Side Slopes, Spring Garden, Spring Hill-City View, Stanton Heights, St. Clair, Strip District, Squirrel Hill, Summer Place, Swisshelm Park, Troy Hill, Uptown, West End, Westwood, and Windgap.

Participating outside Pittsburgh are Aspinwall, Dormont, Scott, Verona, Wilkinsburg in Allegheny County and Ambridge, Beaver, Brighton, Bridgewater, Center, Chippewa, Freedom, Harmony, Midland, Monaca, New Brighton, Rochester, and Vanport in Beaver County.

Redd Up in Shadyside

While Citizens Against Litter is organizing and coordinating the more than 100 neighborhoods, communities and towns in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Beaver County, its home neighborhood -- Shadyside -- is gearing up. Volunteers in Citizens Against Litter have been asked to redd up on October 13 from 9 a.m. to noon. Appeals have also been made to the Shadyside Chamber, Walnut Street Merchants, Shadyside Urban Action Coalition, South Highland businesses, Ellsworth Avenue businesses, Liberty School, Kentucky Avenue School (Kids Against Litter), Trib Against Litter, and Pitt Law School students.

The popular Shadyside house tour is Sunday, October 14. It coincides with the Redd Up (October 12-14). It will be appreciated if Citizens Against Litter volunteers and other residents of Shadyside pick this weekend to check around their homes and streets and pick up litter. We have a lot of visitors from around the city and we want our streets to be redded up for company.

Redd Up Coalition

Organizers of the Homewood-Squirrel Hill-Point Breezes Coalition will be pleased to attract 1,000 volunteers for its October 12-14 Redd Up, the third since fall 2005. School children will pick up litter on Friday; Homewood, North Point Breeze, South Point Breeze and Park Place will pick up on Saturday; and Squirrel Hill will pick up on Sunday. The Coalition picnic at Mellon Park begins at 1 p.m. Found Sound will provide music. The Coalition supplies gloves and bags for volunteers in all five neighborhoods. Public Works will participate in a significant way as it has in two previous Redd Ups.

Help Cleanup Route 28 helping

"Help Cleanup Route 28" was organized as a tribute to PJ Shepherd who was killed in an auto accident on Route 28. The group plans four cleanups per year. The next cleanup is Saturday, October 27. Michelle Shepherd, PJ's sister, wants the group's 30 anti-litter volunteers and efforts to be counted in the citywide Redd Up. They will be.

Pittsburgh Cares partnership

Pittsburgh Cares, a non-profit, currently partners with 130 not-for-profit organizations throughout Allegheny County as a supplier of volunteer support through its network of some 3,500 volunteers in the region. Pittsburgh Cares has started a partnership with Citizens Against Litter, providing volunteers for a few neighborhoods having difficulty recruiting.

Kiwanis check in

Kiwanian Clubs of Pennsylvania is on board with Citizens Against Litter too. Kiwanis is a service club, providing leadership skills to children and providing services to communities. Time's short now but Kiwanis is providing a few neighborhoods with volunteers for this Redd Up. They will be more of a factor in future Redd Ups.

Kids Against Litter

Students at the Kentucky Avenue School in Shadyside will spend time learning about litter on the street. Boris Weinstein spoke to students in September. The school has formed "Kids Against Litter." They will participate in the October Redd Up on Friday, October 12. Students pick up litter regularly on their way to and from Mellon Park.

For 12 years students at Christ Divine Teacher Catholic Academy in Aspinwall have helped with many environmental projects. Teacher Lucille Bishop informed Citizens Against Litter last month that 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in the Environmental Club will lead the entire school on Redd Up Day October 12, to "rid" Aspinwall streets of litter.

Trib Against Litter

Employees of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review will participate in the Shadyside Redd Up October 13. Earlier this summer, Trib Against Litter volunteers cleared the Aiken Avenue bridge hillside of litter and trash.

Busy Beavers

Beaver County will be well represented in this month's Redd Up. So far, 13 towns are set up and raring to go. Routes 18, 60 and 65, their exits and entry ways will get attention along with the business districts and residential areas. Keeping the towns clean and special cleanup events happen all the time. County Commissioners presented a proclamation to Citizens Against Litter last week. The Greensweep group will work with Citizens Against Litter on Redd Ups in 2008.

Greenfield wants Weekly Shopper changes

William Weber of Greenfield credits the Newslitter for helping him curtail the distribution of the Weekly Shopper in his neighborhood. Weber has had conversations with the Post-Gazette. Subscribers to the paper will be passed over. The Post-Gazette will also stop distributing to households that don't want the advertising section. Many residents complain the Weekly Shopper become litter. Greenfield joins Shadyside, Regent Square and Dormont that are pushing back.

Mormon Redd Up in Oakland

More than 60 young single adults, members of the Mormon Church attending their annual Tri-State Conference, took to the streets in Oakland for three hours Saturday, September 22. Their community service project was picking up everyday litter from streets in Oakland. Citizens Against Litter and the Oakland Planning and Development Corp. helped plan the event.

Michael Blink of OPDC spoke to the group. A video of last Spring's successful Redd Up Coalition in Homewood-Squirrel Hill-Point Breezes was shown. A 12-step program on how to organize a "Collect Litter and Connect Neighborhoods" initiative, prepared by Citizens Against Litter, was discussed and distributed.

Clean sweep for arts festivals

Promoters of the art festivals on Walnut Street and Ellsworth Avenue again did a marvelous clean up job during and after their events. The events brought a lot of people into our neighborhood without leaving litter baggage.

"I Litter" awards

Here is a list of businesses and non-profits who litter in Shadyside.


For those who need to be reminded, Garbagevilles are houses, buildings, streets, alleys and places that look awful because of litter, garbage, unswept leaves, and other stuff. You can't miss them. Here are some this month. Most have been around for what seems forever.

Open letter about litter

"Your Uni-Mart located at 5724 Ellsworth Avenue," wrote Jake Krohn, a Citizens Against Volunteer, to the home office, "has, for two months straight, been mentioned as a "Garbageville" by our group.

"Living by the store, I can attest to the constant presence of litter in the parking lot and amidst the landscaping. Although our volunteers do occasionally pick up around the property, we believe that something as fundamental as regular maintenance of the grounds should be done by the store. I don't know how much influence you have over the actions of individual stores, but it may be in your best interest to try to improve the state of things."

Important phone numbers

Need to contact the city about something that has been bothering you? Call the 311 Response Line. Your request will be logged and sent to the proper department.

Want to contact someone directly? The following list may help:

Tell Mr. Litterman

One of the young students at the Kentucky Avenue School told Mr. Litterman in a letter. "We're 'Kids Against Litter' now but you gave me another good idea. I'm going to start a new group called 'Earth Against Litter (E.A.L.)'."

Recent Litter-ature

A complete list of past Litterature is available in our archives.

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