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Citizens Against Litter

SWAT means business

Greenfield's up-and-coming "Adopt-a-Block" program incorporates a high-impact, targeted assault against litter. Called SWAT (Super Warriors Against Trash), its goal is to address the big messes that are beyond the means of any one individual.

If the first event is any indication, this program looks to be a big hit. Patrick Hassett, Connect Greenfield's Adopt-a-Block coordinator, writes:

Connect Greenfield/Adopt-a-Block's first SWAT deployment was a success yesterday. Thanks go out to Theresa, Mark (Optical Outlet), Joe, and Jesse. We hit the stairs next to the Murray Avenue Bridge and the stairs off Winterburne Extension, picking up 13 bags of trash, 24 small blue bags of recyclables, and an assortment of "bulk" items including a half of a bowling ball, internet cables, lawn mower, six tires, a Rhino, and a pool. Not bad for a couple hours of SWAT'n.

Don't miss the next big clean up in Greenfield on April 28th. See the list of upcoming events for more information.

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