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Citizens Against Litter

"Clean Up Carrick" a success

Add Carrick to the list of neighborhoods getting serious about taking on litter. Dawn Harder, the new Carrick Litter Steward and head of the Carrick Litter Patrol, along with the group of citizens activists that have assembled on the CarrickPA email list, are taking it to the streets, with litter bags, brooms, and dustpans in hand.

By all accounts, the April Clean Up in Carrick was a success. Over 20 volunteers turned up to give Brownsville Road a thorough scrubbing.

Volunteers for future clean ups are encouraged to join. Said Harder, "Who you are doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome. If you live in Carrick, then Carrick is your home, it belongs to you. What you do or don't do impacts those around you, for better or worse, we are all responsible for our community. What matters is that we care about the litter."

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