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Pitt made a difference

Students from the University of Pittsburgh, as part of their first "Pitt Make a Difference Day", were a big part of the success of the Fall Clean Up. Over 1500 volunteers were assigned to clean up projects in neighborhoods throughout the city, and the results couldn't have been better.

Allegheny CleanWays

The Pitt group was FANTASTIC! They were one of the best groups I've worked with in a long time. Really positive attitude and willing to work hard. Thanks so much for providing such a valuable resource to our communities!

Myrna Newman
Allegheny CleanWays


On Saturday, 32 Pitt students showed up right on time. They were enthusiastic and energetic. It took about two hours to clean our designated areas then we treated them to pizza at Angelos.

We definitely want to be involved next year. Thanks for everything. Bloomfield is looking good!

Karla Owens
Bloomfield Business Association


I can't praise Pitt and Terry Milani enough. This surpassed exceptional.

We had 27 students. They arrived on time and eager. Carrick would not only like them back next October but we want them even more. In fact 16 of the 27 would like to come back to help anytime we have a Redd Up event. Pitt set a standard that was superior to anything one could have hoped for.

They should be not only proud of the staff and effort to organize this event but the genuine and thoughtful helping students who took volunteering to a whole new level. They were young, eager, engaged, encouraged and rewarded by the efforts they made. They truly made a difference and those students felt it in the core of their being and in their own inner pride. They came to us a little uncertain and they left feeling very self-gratified because what they did for a few short hours on a Saturday made not only a BIG difference in our community but in the students themselves. Bravo!

(Read more about the Carrick Clean Up in the South Pittsburgh Reporter)

Dawn Harder
Carrick Litter Patrol


The volunteers were great! We had a total of 40 helpers plus the coordinator. They were right on time and very courteous and hard working. They went above and beyond my expectations. We would love to have them back next year.

John Maggio
Dormont Borough Council


I would like the Pitt Students to return next year. They were on time. They seemed polite and excited to help. They really got a lot done and covered a lot of territory.

Jennifer Quinio


The clean-up went very well and I was delighted to have more than the originally designated number of students here. I had 66 students from Pitt. They arrived on time and after giving them gloves, vests, bags and some tools , they were off to the areas that I thought needed the most attention. They worked so well together and the Borough public workers were on hand to pick up the bags.

It was so gratifying to know that these young people were truly interested in making a difference in a community such as ours. I would love to have the opportunity to have them back next year.

Denise Kelly

Mexican War Streets

Saturday's clean up day was a great success. We ended up having two extra students from the University of Pittsburgh so the total number of volunteers from the Pitt Make a Difference Day came to 46. There were 12 additional volunteers from our neighborhood. The kids had such great attitudes and were a lot of fun to work with. Lots of projects were accomplished and 10 extra large pizzas were devoured.

John Engle

Mt. Washington

We were pleased to be greeted by a full school bus of 45 Pitt volunteers! Also 11 exchange students from the Wilkins School Community Center came with their advisor Peg Schmidt. In addition to that about 10 volunteers came from the Mt Washington area.

We cleaned three areas in need of major help: Sycamore Hill, the not too accessible William Street, and Southern Avenue, which many citizens mentioned 'needs it bad'. We made it there and were greeted with a few neighbors patting us on the back, and even a few spontaneously joining our clean up!

In all 65 volunteers participated. Among our finds:

Stacey L. Magda

Penn Hills

Everything worked perfectly. There were 44 students and we had 12 residents as guides. I drove my truck along the routes and had my wife in another vehicle doing the same. The guides all had our cell phone numbers. The students worked very hard and were meticulous. We had them in four groups with 2 or 3 guides per group. Each group worked different roads. The routes were two miles each. Two groups finished their routes. The two that did not had the more cluttered roadways.

The students were highly motivated and good natured. Our residents were favorably impressed by the students efforts. After taking pictures and saying thanks and goodbye the bus left at 1:50. We all felt good about the experience. I would do it again. I hope the students would also.

Jim Getsy


Dear Pitt Make a Difference Students,

Thank you so much for participating in the Clean up of Shadyside on October 18th.

I've had so many comments from merchants to neighbors so impressed with:

  1. Your commitment to the community;
  2. The number of students that came out, and;
  3. The quality of the neighborhood after you left it.

Please know that your presence is felt even after you are gone, because I am certain that your Saturday efforts are going to inspire someone to either not litter again or to pick up the litter throughout their day.

Best regards and if the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce can assist you in your future plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Richard Rattner
Shadyside Chamber of Commerce President
Owner, William Penn Tavern

Spring Garden

We had an awesome success on Saturday morning! About 40-45 girls arrived by bus around 10:30. We also had 20 people from the community who gathered at the meeting place, but we saw quite a few more who simply joined in with the cleaning when they saw the groups moving down their streets. So there's no telling how many people actually participated from our neighborhood -- 40? 50?

I can tell you from driving around afterward that it was spotless!

We would love to do this as often as it's done! I think you mentioned an April date -- we have leftover gloves ready to go!

I fed all the girls sandwiches -- turkey with cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard, or peanut butter -- and I bought two bushels of Red Rome apples at the farmer's market the day before -- picked that day -- and they ate nearly every bit of food. I sent the extra apples with them. They were polite and hard-working and appreciative of the food.

We are so grateful that you found us in time for us to participate. Thank you for making such a difference in our neighborhood and throughout the city.

Ruth Dailey

31st Ward

The clean up went very well. We tackled an area that has been a constant eyesore. The Pitt students arrived after 10:00 am and left around 2:00 pm.

Phil Jamison
President, 31st Ward Community Action Group

West Homestead

Thanks go out to all! Our numbers were perfect and they were prompt. They went beyond our expectations and we would love them back next year!

Robin Dunmire


On behalf of the Borough, I'd like to thank everyone who helped make yesterday's Wilkinsburg cleanup a success. And thanks to those of you who donated money and drinks for to keep everyone fed and watered.

Check out The Wilkinsburg Sun for a report and photos.

We had 12 Pitt students who showed up to help and around 25-30 locals including a group of kids who did a ton of work on Campbell Street. All in all it was a very successful day. Here's what we accomplished:

I'm looking forward to another similar event next year!

Jason Cohn
Wilkinsburg Council

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