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Citizens Against Litter

Promote your event

If you've organized a community clean up, you might be interested in this flyer as a way to promote your event.

Cleanup flyer

The flyer is in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat or a similar program. To use it, first download the flyer. Open the file, then click and type next to "When" and "Where" to provide information about your event. To add additional details, click in type in the open area near the bottom. Choose "File → Print" to commit the flyer to paper.

Alternatively, you may print a blank copy of the flyer and write directly on it.

Remember that it is against the law to affix signs to structures such as telephone and light poles. Plus, it just creates more litter. Instead, seek out businesses and other community gathering spots, such as libraries, that are willing to post your flyer in windows and on bulletin boards.

We at Citizens Against Litter wish your group the best of luck.

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