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Spring Clean Up wrap-up

Results are still pouring in, but it appears that the April 18-20 Spring Clean Up was a smashing success. Countless neighborhoods and boroughs across Allegheny and Beaver counties pitched in and did their part to give their corner of the world a good scrubbing.

Do you have photos of your event that you would like to share with us? Email them to us, and we'll add them to our growing collection of Clean Up pictures.

Here's a sampling of what we are hearing from the neighborhoods that participated:


In all, 100 - 13 gallon bags of litter, 14 - 30 gallon bags of recyclables, 20 tires and a large pile of junk was collected. 53 kids participated and 15 adults.

We put a pretty good whoopin' on the litter looks like Switzerland it's so clean now!


The Duquesne Trash Bashers had a very successful cleanup on Saturday in the City of Duquesne. More than 25 children and adults converged on their chosen sites beginning at 9 a.m. and collected enough litter and debris along sidewalks, roadways, parks and abandoned areas to fill 88 bags.


Thanks to all who joined us for the Greenfield Spring Clean Up. We hit Magee Field, Saline Street, and Hammer Field. Those at Magee are international movie stars as the crew from Kosovo spent an hour filming and helping us out. We also picked up an assortment of musical instruments, tires, high voltage transmission line insulators (at least that?s what we think they were), tools, sports paraphernalia, and clothing. And in the end we won an award at the after Clean Up Party in Schenley Park -- Most Bags!

Read more on the Connect Greenfield website.


The Let's Clean Up Our House Committee, along with Rapha Ministries Church, and the LAMP Program, all worked together to successfully pick up over 100 bags of litter on Upland, Lang, & Murtland streets in North Homewood.


We had 42 volunteers and collected 76 bags of litter, covering nearly 20 blocks of our neighborhood.

More information is available in their press release.

Perry Hilltop

Perry Hilltop had twenty volunteers picking up trash and litter today. We were able to make a difference in our community! We look forward to making these efforts much more often!


The Shadyside Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, April 19th, hosted over 35 volunteers to Redd Up Shadyside. It was an inspiring morning watching toddlers to teens to retirees, Chamber members, friends, residents and our families sweeping the streets and alleyways clean.

Volunteers were given maps of the areas and their cleaning supplies and hit the streets for 2 hours collectively bagging almost 40 bags of garbage plus 12 bags of recycling material cleaning from Aiken to Spahr. Most folks agree that "this should be organized on a regular basis, not just a few times a year." And the kids want to go "EVERY Saturday."

Kosovo documentary crew

Our friends from Kosovo were impressed with our efforts. We wish them he very best as they carry their message of self-empowerment back to their native land.

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