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Citizens Against Litter

Attacking Greenfield's illegal dump sites in 2010

Stash the Trash is a community based organization looking to clean up the city through supporting litter pick-up programs and cleaning up overgrown sidewalks and lots. In addition, they are working diligently to eradicate illegal dump sites.

While they serve the entire city, they plan to focus on the Greenfield Neighborhood in 2010 and clean up the neighborhood's 15 illegal dumpsites. In the past year, they have already cleaned up five.

In 2009, PA CleanWays did a survey assessing the city's illegal dumpsites on public property. They found 279 dumpsites throughout the City. Twenty of them were in Greenfield, one of the highest amounts for a neighborhood!

The Greenfield number is now 15 due to the efforts of the group and Joe Divack, a retired citizen who has been working through Stash The Trash to clean up the sites.

Please check out the Stash the Trash web site and consider signing up to help them clean-up the City and the neighborhood. Connect Greenfield will keep you posted as to their plans and future opportunities to assist in Greenfield clean-ups.

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