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Guy named Joe is "Bob Awards" Volunteer of the Year

Joe Divack, a retired resident of Squirrel Hill who relishes cleaning up illegal dumpsites all over the city, was selected Volunteer of the Year by the Clean Pittsburgh Commission.

Divack along with five neighborhoods and five organizations were presented "Bob Awards", named for the late Mayor Bob O'Connor, Thursday, March 25, at the third annual Meet n' Greet Mixer saluting the city's Clean Pittsburgh Stewards in 90 neighborhoods.

10 neighborhoods and groups also honored for Redd Ups

Judy O'Connor, the Mayor's widow, and son Corey presented the Most Connected Neighborhoods award to Crafton Heights, Ridgemont and Westwood; Knoxville for Most Improved; and Esplen for Best Newcomer.

Stash the Trash, a volunteer group started by Derek Green that focuses on illegal dumpsite cleanups, also was recognized. Three groups--The Academy System (Nate Gilllis), Pittsburgh Job Corps (Dottie Sweeney) and Allegheny Courts Day Adult Probation (Dan Sommers)--were recognized for providing their clients for many neighborhood Redd Ups. The Pittsburgh Pirates (Chaz Kellem) received a special award for hosting hundreds of school kids at this year's Stash the Trash Recognition Day at PNC Park May 12 (Pirates-Reds game).

Other volunteers nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award were Max Hurwitz (Beechview), Keith Knecht (Brookline), Carol Knox (Mt. Lebanon) and Terra McBride (South Side).

Several hundred attended. Joining stewards and volunteers from more than 50 neighborhoods were city officials, Public Works people and members and staff of City Council.

Home Depot is the corporate sponsor of this year's Meet n' Greet Mixer.

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