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North Side Clean Up report

North Side steward John Engle reports on his neighborhood's successful clean up efforts.

May 1 clean up

Saturday was an amazing day. The Urban Impact Foundation mustered 37 students instead of the planned 45, so we adjusted our projects a little. The kids were a lot of fun, very well behaved, and hardworking. Their leaders were great and really worked hard to keep them on task. One youth group drove all the way from Cleveland while the other group hailed from Carnegie. The weather, though a little hot, cooperated and we didn't get the predicted thunder showers till after the projects were completed.

We filled about 100 large contractor trash bags with a lot of litter but mostly with Japanese Knotweed. We also collected three tires, a car battery, a mattress spring, a couple of doors, and miscellaneous trash. By the end, there were also three large piles of organic debris that we didn't bag because we literally ran out of trash bags.

One group tackled a vacant lot overgrown with bamboo about sixteen feet tall. From the waste, they actually harvested a lot of poles that, when dried, will be great for garden stakes or screening. We also planted four trees that were purchased by the Mexican War Streets Society and about a dozen various shrubs donated by Gavin Deming. The various projects that were completed are listed below.

Thanks to all of you who worked so hard, thanks to Sara Van Kirk of the Urban Impact Foundation for coordinating the Global Impact program, and thanks to the Mexican War Streets Society for funding this project! A walk around the neighborhood will prove that it is money well spent. I love this neighborhood.

See some pictures of the event with some before and after shots.

Projects completed

  1. City Steps - Zandrea Ambrose with seven students cleared litter, debris and vegetation from areas around the steps including the area near the top at Perry Avenue; swept the steps afterwards; cut and bagged Japanese Knotweed.

  2. 1526 Arch Street - Michael Beigay with four students planted a small street tree in front of the vacant lot; cleaned up litter and knotweeds around the vicinity.

  3. Historic Alleys - Jana Thompson with seven students cleaned and greened some historic brick alleys and walkways as greenways between Allegheny Commons and the green slopes.

  4. Saturn Way Projects - The Donovans and the Kosys with seven students cleared, cleaned, and mowed a group of vacant lots, pruned trees, cut and bagged Japanese Knotweed.

  5. 400 Jacksonia Street - Cleared and bundled bamboo and removed litter and garbage from a vacant backyard.

  6. Ornamental plantings - Tom Cihil with six students planted corners of Family Dollar parking lot at Brighton and Jacksonia, raked mulch, planted trees and shrubs, put mulch back in place; also planted tree and mowed at Drover's Repose garden.

  7. Weeding at Brighton Road Garden - Becky Colger with six students did some massive weeding.

Upcoming Clean Up Days

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