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Brentwood Residents Redd Up

Brentwood Borough President Cathy Trexler wrote in with an account of their successful Spring Redd Up day, which took place on April 16. With only a year under their community clean up belts so far, Brentwood residents are making a big difference.

Trexler writes:

It was another cloudy morning on Saturday, April 16 when we arrived at the Brentwood Library Community Room. Public Works employees were already in the park where a steady stream of cars and trucks filled with building materials, grills, furniture and other hard-to-dispose of items made their way to unload their items at dumpsters and rear-loader garbage trucks. Some dropped off used computers and other small electronics to be recycled by Goodwill Industries.

Back in the Community Room, a dozen volunteers gathered to "Redd Up" Brentwood. Some represented Saint Sylvester School, Brentwood High School National Honor Society and the Junior Police Program. Some brought their parents. Some were citizens who just wanted to pitch in. One was Anna Hesz, who brought her grandson to kick-off "adopting" an area near their home that they intend to keep free from trash throughout the summer. Locations were assigned and bags, gloves, vests and maps were distributed.

The sun came out just in time for the volunteers to start out in various directions. Most were assigned to areas that would lead them back to their homes. They kept in contact with coordinators by cell phone to ask for more bags or gloves or to report where filled bags could be picked up by Public Works employees.

Even when the clouds returned and rain began to fall, volunteers remained committed. "Garbagevilles" throughout the Borough were targeted, mostly in areas near the hollows and along public steps. When all was done, volunteers collected four tires and 15 bags of trash filled with about 20 pounds of scrap metal and 200 pounds of other trash.

The dumpster day efforts continued steadily throughout the day resulting in collecting about 50 tires, three rear loader garbage trucks containing approximately 42 tons of hard-to-dispose of items, a 20-yard roll-off dumpster filled with concrete and a 30-yard roll-off filled with vegetation. Goodwill collected 87 pieces of e-waste.

Brentwood was one of almost 250 communities participating in Redd Up Day. Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this event. "Litter Gitters" earned four hours of community service.

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