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Citizens Against Litter

February 2011 Newslitter

In this newsletter: Our mission; Post-Gazette papering the town; Kick the cans; California-Kirkbride steps up; Pity poor little Overbrook; Three months to go and counting; Daily deal; PA's coolest license plate; "I Litter" award; Garbagevilles; Important phone numbers; For the record; Next to last word; The last word

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire people throughout the city and region to collect litter and connect neighborhoods.

Post-Gazette papering the town

There's a new source of litter in town. Let's hope it goes away sooner rather than later. The litter is getting the attention of Shadyside residents. Calls started coming immediately. The Sunday Extra, a free edition of the Post-Gazette, began appearing in doorways, driveways, on sidewalks and grassy places Sunday, January 9. The free Extra along with advertising offers and a card were distributed inside a blue plastic sleeve to non-subscribers. The card reads, "Sunday Extra will be delivered to you each weekend for one year." The promotion continued January 16, 23 and 30.

Mr. Litterman picked up 12 Sunday Extras -- turned into litter -- on sidewalks in two blocks along Aiken Ave. between Ellsworth and Walnut plus two Sunday Extras on sidewalks of next door neighbors on Ellsworth on January 16. On Saturday, January 22 -- 6 days after the January 16 free Sunday Extra delivery -- Mr. Litterman picked up another 11 promotion papers on Copeland Street sidewalks, residences' steps and front lawns. On January 23, 16 papers were picked up on Filbert Street and 13 papers were picked up on Bellefonte Street. On Jan. 24, an additional 8 papers were spotted on lawns and sidewalks on Copeland. On Jan 25, another 12 papers were picked up on two blocks of Howe Street. Some were free papers from January 9 and 16. That's the most litter Mr. Litterman has picked up from a single source in 10 years.

The amount of litter created by this promotion depends on how many streets and neighborhoods are involved. The Post-Gazette has been contacted. This is not the first time something like this has occurred recently. In 2007 the Post-Gazette with its "Weekly Shopper" and the Trib with its "Trib PM" littered many neighborhoods with free distribution papers and advertising sections. The practice stopped and littering ended with cutbacks and alternative distribution methods. Most disturbing this time is the plan to "deliver free Sunday Extras each weekend for one year". Yoi!

Kick the cans

A bunch of organizations, Steeler and Winter Classic fans did more than "kick the cans down the street." They got rid of them. In three games in December and two playoff games plus the Winter Classic in January, more than 10 tons of beer cans, bottles, and cups from Steeler/Penguin tailgating fans at Heinz Field were collected and carted off during the "Let's Tackle Recycling" all-out effort. It's a simple and brilliant approach created and implemented by Pennsylvania Resources Council. PRC worked with the Alcoa Foundation, Penguins, Steelers, Sports & Entertainment Authority, Public Works Environmental Services, Greenstar and Alco Parking. The strategy worked because fans cooperated and became part of the solution. PRC plans to expand the program next year with the seven-time Super Bowl Steelers.

California-Kirkbride steps up

The many city steps in California-Kirkbride, a North Side neighborhood, are every bit as functional and interesting as the more well-known steps in South Side Slopes. Now they're getting attention after serious neglect. Since November, a Redd Up has been ongoing led by residents Tom Corcoran and Brent Boss, Jeff Bebout of Brighton Heights, Andy Moore of Mexican War Streets and Joe Divack of Squirrel Hill. Bob Mistick and his North Side Properties is helping eliminate vacant, littered lots. More than 500 tires have been cleared out. "Our goal is to reclaim our steps," said Corcoran. "By summer we'll be ready to invite the public to walk and run around here and take advantage of our fantastic view of the West End Bridge, Heinz Field, North Shore and Downtown."

Pity poor little Overbrook

John Rudiak of the Overbrook Community Council wants some attention for Overbrook. He's calling for a cleanup of "litter on a stick" (signs) and visual distractions at several key intersections. Read his guest commentary and view photos on our website.

Three months to go and counting

The Spring Redd Up is three months away. More than 125 city neighborhoods/groups and area communities have said they will participate on or close to the April 15, 16, 17 dates. They are:

Pittsburgh: Alcoa volunteers, Allegheny CleanWays, Allentown, Arlington, Banksville, Bedford Dwellings, Banksville Road, Beechview, Beltzhoover, Brighton Heights, Brightwood, Brookline, California-Kirkbride, Carrick, Central Northside, Chartiers, Crafton Heights, Downtown, Duquesne Heights, East Allegheny East Carnegie, East Hills, East Liberty, Elliott, Esplen, Explorers Club, DumpBusters, Fineview, Friends of the Riverfront, Friendship, Garfield, Glen Hazel, Greenfield, Graffiti Watch, Hays, Hazelwood, Highland Park, Homewood, Jail Trail, Larimer, Lawrenceville, Lincoln-Lemington, Lincoln Place, Lower Hill, Manchester, Mexican War Street, Middle Hill, Morningside, Mount Oliver, Mount Washington, North Oakland, North Point Breeze, North Shore, New Homestead, Oak Hill, Oakland, Oakwood, Overbrook (Fairhaven), PA Resources Council, Perry Hilltop, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Job Corps, Pittsburgh Public Schools, PennDOT, Polish Hill, Ridgemont, Schenley Heights, Sheraden, South Oakland, Observatory Hill, South Side Flats, South Point Breeze, South Side Slopes, Spring Garden, Spring Hill, Stanton Heights, Stamp Out Mail Box Graffiti, Stash the Trash, Strip District, Squirrel Hill, Swisshelm Park, The Academy School, Troy Hill, Uptown, Westwood, West End Village and Windgap

Allegheny County: Brentwood, Dormont, Etna, Glassport, Homestead, Monroeville, Mount Lebanon, Mount Oliver, McKees Rocks, Natrona Heights, Oakdale, Penn Hills, Pine, Robinson, Ross, South Park, Stowe, Tarentum, Wilkins and Wilkinsburg

Beaver County: Aliquippa, Ambridge, Beaver, Freedom, Harmony, Potter, and South Beaver

Butler County: Butler Twp

Washington County: California/Coal Center and McDonald

Westmoreland County: Smithton Washington County: Chartiers

Communities, groups and individuals in Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties can register by contacting or 412-688-9120.

Daily deal

"It would be great to mention in the next Newslitter about Sandy Dunlop, committed litter-gitter and resident of Mt. Lebanon. Sandy DAILY cleans up a one-mile stretch of Cochran Rd. (state highway-both sides) populated with four fast food restaurants, three gas stations and private residences. She has a promise from Wendy's to provide two outside trash cans for customers' use. She's a trooper! Thanks Sandy."

Carol Knox

PA's coolest license plate

Pennsylvania Resources Council's Litterbug Specialty License Plate is now available and ready to order. Cost of each plate is $45, which covers the fees due to PennDOT and the PA Corrections Dept. for issuing and producing each plate.

Visit the PRC's site for ordering information and to see a sample plate.

"I Litter" awards

Advertising flyers and free sampling offers turn into litter in Shadyside and elsewhere. Businesses and sometimes non-profits are responsible and put their business on Shadyside streets. Offenders are becoming few and far between. Let's hope the trend continues. However, January's award goes to the Post-Gazette.


Garbagevilles are houses, buildings, streets and places that are a mess. Some because of litter; some because of unswept leaves; some because of trash and junk on their property. Some because garbage cans sit in the front of their houses. Many because of the absence of lids on garbage cans and open waste containers. Some of these Shadyside Garbagevilles are always a mess. This is an incomplete list of course.

Important phone numbers

Need to contact the city about something that's been bothering you, like potholes and graffiti? Call the 311 Response line (alternate number is 412-255-2621). Your request will be logged and sent to the proper department. Want to contact someone directly? The following list may help.

For the record

"I hate litter almost as much as I hate snow."

Bob Kazcerowski, Public Works Director

Next to last word

"Last month's Martin Luther King awards dinner and program were a very special time for me. It was so well executed by Coro and you," I wrote Kelsey Halling of Coro. "Thank you for including me. My nomination for the Martin Luther King Leadership Award is a highlight of my professional and community service careers."

The last word

Remember. Rome wasn't redd up in a day either.

Recent Litter-ature

A complete list of past Litterature is available in our archives.

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