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Citizens Against Litter

Pity poor little Overbrook!

Guest blogger John Rudiak, of the Overbrook Community Council, wants to bring an end to "litter on a stick" and clean up the visual chaos that currently exists at several key Overbrook intersections.

The intersections of TR 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard), TR 88 (Library Road), Ivy Glen Avenue and Glenbury Street, together with TR 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard), Overbrook Boulevard and Maytide Street in the neighborhood of Overbrook are undeniably the most congested locations in the South Hills. Couple that with the South Busway entrance/exit and you have the worst intersections in the South Hills.

It is also the location of the worst case of "urban chaos" in the county with hundreds of legitimate traffic signs, signals, and giant billboards together with "litter on stick" advertising signs. With all a motorist has to comprehend what chance does anyone have to make intelligent decisions when driving, or walking? Can you really see those faded traffic signs with all the garbage chaos confronting your senses? This is a recipe for disaster especially on a dark and rainy night for motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

What is "litter on a stick?" It can be best described as illustrated in the above photos. They are the "Endless Eyesores," affordable health care, long lost missing animals, cord wood, gyms, long closed hospital directional signing, garage sales, and "litterally" any thing else you can imagine attached to a pole or stuck in the ground. And what happens to this garbage when the event, animal or sale is gone? The skeletal remains of the sign is attached until it deteriorates and ends up on the road or sidewalk as more garbage. Never are these signs removed, ever, they simply fall down. Take a good look at the photo of the stapled pole and count the metal fragments, each pair constitute the remains of what once was the "litter on a stick" someone expected you to read.

Let's clean up the chaos, call those numbers, and ask that they remove their garbage from our highways and neighborhoods! Then organize a "litter on a stick" removal day, once a week, and clean up the chaos.

-- John Rudiak

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