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Citizens Against Litter

Spring 2016 Redd Up groups, results keep growing; 22,500 to 25,000 volunteers pick up 500 tons of litter

Reports from communities for area Redd Ups in March, April and May indicate spring cleanups attracted 22,500 to 25,000 volunteers who removed 450 to 500 tons of litter. An estimated 450 to 500 communities in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and beyond participated.

Citizens Against Litter, one of the organizers of the event, said results this spring attracted 2,500 to 5,000 more volunteers this year than in 2015. The amount of litter collected by volunteers was about the same as 2015. "We've been helping organize Redd Ups and keeping tabs on results since 2006," said Boris Weinstein. "More groups and more volunteers are reported every year." Some of the reports are impressive:

The fall Redd Up and Pitt Make a Difference Day will be Saturday, October 22.

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